In Memory Of Our Dear Daughter
Who We Love And Think Of Always

~ Mordy & Miri Friedman ~


Kesser Menucha is an organization that was founded in memory of Mordy and Miri Friedman’s daughter. The name itself - which is Hebrew and translates to “resting crown” - was chosen to reflect the dignity and respect the organization holds for their daughter.

Kesser Menucha will be focusing on providing additional support in different initiative forms to families. A part of this organization is The Newborn Swaddle Set Donation. The package is a beautifully wrapped, new, incredible quality swaddle, hat and headband/mittens matching set.

Newborn Swaddle Set

The package is a beautifully-wrapped and high-quality swaddle, hat, and
headband/mittens matching set.

The package is intended for anyone and everyone located in Baltimore. There is no vetting process and it is open to all.

From a new mom that is overwhelmed in the hospital to a mom who just had her 10th child to a mom of a nicu baby to a mom who was just told her baby has no heartbeat.

Why Did You Choose Swaddles?

Sometimes a non-necessity can make the biggest impact.

When I was in the hospital on the most traumatic day of our family’s life as I delivered our daughter stillborn, all I had was a matching swaddle blanket set with a headband in my hospital bag to wrap her in. The ability to wrap her in something adorable, fresh, and new made all the difference in those large moments that we got to spend with her. Although the pain was heartbreaking, when we saw her, she was only good and pure.

In the hours after we said goodbye to our daughter, I knew I wanted to impart that same feeling onto other parents who are struggling. Whether the struggle is health, money, or anything else, a child is the biggest blessing in the entire world. When parents will look upon their new child in a stressful time, they will see their baby wrapped with grace and simplicity in the clean swaddle sets and feel that feeling conveyed through Kesser Menucha of blessing and joy for their child.

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